In football, speed is the number one attribute for success when it comes to cornerbacks.  A corner who can’t keep up with a wide receiver is going to be in trouble.  About a year ago, a Division 1 NCAA cornerback with a knee injury (which was keeping him from performing at a high level) came to Stem Cell International for treatments with the hopes of avoiding surgery with long rehabilitation times and potential complications.  After using Ultrasound technology to accurately pinpoint the athlete’s knee injury, we were able to treat him using his own body’s adipose derived stem cells. 

Within a few days of the stem cell procedure, the football player noted a substantial improvement in his knees, the pain was decreasing and his range of motion had increased.  After one month, he came back to Stem Cell International and reported that his pain was completely gone and that his knees felt the best that he could remember, giving him the speed and agility he needed to compete.  In just a few months’ time, he was able to go back to performing at a high level as a starting cornerback for a division 1 NCAA team and remains pain free today!

At Stem Cell International, we have had similar success in treating other pro, semi-pro, college and high school athletes, using Stem Cells to help them to perform optimally, without pain.  With success in treating athletes at a high level, it’s no surprise that our treatments work equally well for weekend warriors – golfers, tennis players, runners, softball players and many more.  If you are suffering from a sports injury or condition that is holding you back from doing what you love to do, contact our clinic for a free consultation before considering surgery.  I will personally review your imaging, X-Rays, MRI’s, etc., for free, to determine if you are a candidate for our treatments. 

In good health,

Dr. Jack Siebenaler