All Stem Cell International patient testimonial videos are from actual patients that were treated at our clinic.  No patients have received any payment or compensation in any form for sharing their stories.

Cliff S.  – Knee Pain

Cliff decided to try stem cell treatments for his knees instead of invasive surgery, and now he’s back to doing the things he loves: golfing and playing with his grandkids. Watch his success story!

Corky K.  –  Rheumatoid Arthritis

After suffering with rheumatoid arthritis for years, Corky thought his days of bowhunting and fishing were over. Now, four years after his procedure at Stem Cell International, he is feeling better and better all the time and is back to doing what he loves.

If you are a candidate, stem cell therapy is an extraordinary alternative to surgery or medications and a second hope for those who have tried other treatments with little or no success.

Suzanne P.  –  Plantar Fasciitis

Suzanne was an avid runner for over 20 years. After fifteen years, she developed plantar fasciitis in her right foot, which eventually became unbearable. She was unable to even walk without pain, and after trying several other treatments, a stress fracture, and the development of heel spurs, she decided she had had enough. Listen to Suzanne’s story about what ultimately drove her to reach out to us and how she’s feeling months after treatment.

Plantar fasciitis has one of the highest success rates of any conditions treated at Stem Cell International! If you’re suffering from foot or knee pain, give us a call to set up your free consultation.

John B.  –  Carpal Tunnel/Osteoarthritis

After over 50 years of working as a barber and playing music, John’s pain was unbearable. John was born with one kidney and was unable to take a lot of medications. He was desperate for relief. Surgeons couldn’t see him for months, and they couldn’t guarantee that he would have full function of his hand after surgery, so that’s when John discovered Stem Cell International.

After treatment, he is pain-free and back to doing what he loves. In fact, he feels so much better and had such a great experience, he was inspired to write a song! Check out John’s success story.

Zoë T.  –  Ulcerative Colitis

Jannette Thompson, M.D. is a family physician from Ontario, Canada. Her daughter, Zoë, was suffering from ulcerative colitis that was greatly affecting her quality of life. When various medications and treatment didn’t seem to help, Dr. Thompson made the choice to bring her daughter to Stem Cell International for treatment.

Watch as Dr. Thompson and Zoë discuss what life was like before and after treatment and why they chose to make the trip all the way to Stem Cell International in Toledo. If you’re suffering from ulcerative colitis or IBS and have not responded well to other treatments, it may be time to give stem cell therapy a try. Our medical doctors will review your records and imaging to determine if you are a candidate for this treatment.

Olie V.  –  Fibromyalgia, Diabetes

“After the first treatment at Stem Cell International, I felt like somebody gave me wings.” Watch Olga talk about how her Fibromyalgia, Diabetes and other conditions improved after coming to Stem Cell International, and how easy it is to make the trip from Toronto to our clinic in Toledo, Ohio.

Denny S.  –  Knee Pain

Have you heard Denny Schaffer talk about Stem Cell International on the radio? After being told by a doctor he’d never run again, Denny came to Stem Cell International and had both knees treated. He is now back to running as much as he wants to!

We are committed to treating as many people as possible with the most dedicated care around!

John M.  –  Knee Pain

Watch John, a retired local business owner talk about how Stem Cell Treatments helped his knee pain and got him back to doing what he loves to do. Before considering surgery or an artificial replacement, please give us a call to see if we can help you, NATURALLY!

Chris D.  –  Shoulder Pain

After suffering from two shoulder injuries, Chris turned to Stem Cell International for help. And it’s a good thing he did! Within just minutes of Chris’ first injection, his locked shoulder was able to move freely, and he is now completely pain-free a full year later! Stem Cell International has had amazing success with rotator cuff injuries, shoulder injuries, and arthritis, and we are so proud and grateful to be able to help our patients get back to living pain-free!

Wesley K.  –  Back Pain

Wesley, a truck driver, was suffering from back pain and now feels better than ever after his treatment at Stem Cell International. Watch to hear his story!

Karol M.  –  TMJ

See how Stem Cell International helped Karol get back to eating regular foods and enjoying life. Some studies suggest that nearly 10 million Americans suffer from some sort of TMJ disorder! While common, its anything but predictable. For some patients, it may cause neck pain and trouble sleeping, while others may experience frequent headaches and earaches.

There are several factors that can contribute to TMJ disorders—bone structure, health issues, career, stress levels that lead to grinding and inflammation, and even frequent gum chewing! Because of this, treatments MUST be personalized. At Stem Cell International, we take the time to fully understand your condition and provide you with specialized and personalized care that YOU need and deserve.

Jason B.  –  Knee Pain

Watch Jason talk about how treatments at Stem Cell International helped his knee pain and got him back to doing what he loves to do.

Podiatrist  –  Back/Knees/Feet/Ankles

“I came in with a cane and now I’m walking with nothing.” Hear another story of how we helped a Podiatrist get her life back!

Chris L.  –  Type 1 Diabetes

Watch Chris’ Stem Cell Success Story! After treatments for Type 1 Diabetes, he’s taking less insulin, his A1C levels are lower than they’ve ever been and he has more energy which helps him perform as an NCAA hockey player!

Eldon E.  –  Hip Pain

Eldon’s hip pain was keeping him from doing this he loved to do.  Now he’s back to enjoying life without using a cane or a scooter!

Diana W.  –  Hip Pain/Knee Pain

Stem cell treatments helped relieve Diana’s hip and knee pain and got her back to playing with her grandkids and running her swimming pool supply business!

Britney J.  –  Multiple Sclerosis

Lost, afraid, frustrated….there is a light at the end of the tunnel! Watch to see how Stem Cell International’s treatments have helped Britney manage her Multiple Sclerosis (MS) symptoms! She now has increased energy and no more double vision, both necessary to keep up with her busy lifestyle as a Mom and dental assistant.

Casey B.  –  Knee Pain

Casey’s doctors told her she may never be able to walk again after a knee injury…. After Stem Cell injections at Stem Cell International, she’s back to running with her dog and playing sports!

Kim G.  –  Knee Pain

Watch Kim tell his story, how Stem Cell International’s Treatments on his knees changed his life.

Todd  –  Back Pain

Todd tells the story of how Stem Cell International helped relieve his back pain and get back to living pain free.