Neck Injuries

Our neck is one of the most critical parts of our body that performs major functions. It protects the nerves that connect our brain while also providing support and mobility for our head. Once you endure a neck injury, you begin to realize just how valuable the neck is. The pain and immobility in the neck is an extremely frustrating condition. Unfortunately, it’s one of the most common conditions that we see at Stem Cell International. Depending on the severity of your neck pain or injury, there are a number of common symptoms that include:

  • Tingling in the neck
  • Sharp pain in the neck
  • Stiffness
  • Difficult moving the head
  • Numbness

Consistent headaches, or migraines, can also be common because of your neck’s relationship with your brain. If not properly treated, neck injuries can also lead to symptoms of pain, or numbness, and loss of strength in your hands and arms.

Joint arthritis, disc degeneration, or inflamed nerves could be the result of your neck pain or injury. There are many causes of neck injuries, these include: Sports injuries, trauma from accidents, poor posture and poor sleeping position. More serious causes of neck pain and injury could be a result of osteoarthritis, herniated discs, myelopathy, and stenosis.

Depending on the extent of your neck pain or injury will result in the best way on treating that pain. It’s also incredibly important that if you are suffering from chronic neck pain, that you seek out medical professional help in case of a more serious underlying issue. Our physicians here at Stem Cell International are some of the best at identifying the true cause of your pains and injuries. Once we have the root cause figured out, we will then work with you to determine the most effective approach for treatment. We pride ourselves in using natural healing processes to satisfy each individual’s customized needs. Call and book an appointment now to see how we can help you.