What are Stem Cells?

Adult stem cells are the foundation cells for every organ and tissue in our bodies. They are what can replenish damaged areas in virtually any part of our body. They are considered unspecialized cells but are able to transform into any type of cell that we are needing, such as a nerve or heart cell. And they are helping increase patients’ overall health daily.

Over 1 million patients have been experienced improved health worldwide after being treated with adult stem cells. The National Institutes of Health/FDA-approved database lists that there are nearly 3,500 ongoing or completed clinical trials.

How it Works

If you decide to visit Stem Cell International for stem cell therapy, the process will be comfortable and professional; our physicians have years of expertise working with stem cells treatments.

When you first come in, one of our physicians will meet with you and identify where the source of your body’s damage is present. Once this is discovered, they can begin to offer solutions on the best stem cell therapies that are most relevant to your needs.

We understand this process can be frightening to some because it’s so new. For this reason, we want to meet potential patients face-to-face so we can have an open and honest conversation about the best route moving forward.

If you’re interested in stem cell therapy but aren’t sure which one is right for you, schedule an appointment with us today!