Bone Marrow

Inside of our bones is where we find this soft, sponge-like material called bone marrow. This bone marrow is filled with blood-forming stem cells that can either divide and form more blood-forming stem cells, or they can transform into three types of blood cells: white blood cells, red blood cells, or platelets.

This method of stem cell therapy is most commonly used for patients suffering from some types of cancer.

How it Works

There are two types of bone marrow transplants; autologous and allogeneic. An autologous bone marrow transplant is when the stem cells are taken from your own body, while an allogeneic process will use the stem cells from a healthy donor.

The procedure starts with an anesthesia being administered to the patient before a doctor begins harvesting the bone marrow from the hip bone, or sometimes, the sternum. The bone marrow is then moved through a process that removes blood and bone from the marrow. The stem cells are then isolate and will be released into your bloodstream, like a blood transfusion.

Who Can Benefit

The conditions most commonly treated with a bone marrow transplant include:

  • Leukemias
  • Severe aplastic anemia
  • Immune deficiency disorders
  • Multiple myeloma
  • Lymphomas
  • Some solid-tumor cancers

If you are suffering from any of the above diseases, it doesn’t mean you are automatically a candidate for a bone marrow transplant. You need to meet with a physician first to be sure this is the most appropriate treatment for your needs. Here at Stem Cell International, our expert physicians would love to talk with you.

What You Can Expect  

If you decide this therapy may be right for you, each one of our patients will meet with a physician to discuss your medical history and desired outcomes of the entire process. This is also important for you and the physician to become more comfortable with each other and be absolutely sure this is the best route for your needs.

Did You Know

If you decide a bone marrow transplant is the best route for your needs, you can expect to see and feel improvements anywhere from 2 to 8 weeks. Although, complete recovery of immune function could take several months.

If you’re interested in being treated with a bone marrow transplant at Stem Cell International, one of our stem cell experts would be happy to help you decide. Get in touch today!